Marcelle Sirkus is an award-winning producer, author, personal branding expert and career and creativity coach.

Marcelle began her coaching practice more than 15 years ago at the Ed Gould Plaza Community Center in Hollywood, California as a volunteer, teaching resume-building courses and offering career guidance to young adults and at-risk youth to identify and maximize their skill sets and build self-esteem. This introduction to coaching was a wonderfully rewarding experience – one that Marcelle continues to nurture alongside creative development in publishing and digital media.

Throughout her career in digital advertising and marketing, Marcelle has mentored young professionals into high-profile successful careers, helped small business owners develop their personal brand voice to grow their businesses, and worked with seasoned professionals to synthesize their skills to move beyond the resume and into heart-centered careers that they love!

To learn more about coaching one-to-one with Marcelle or to request a complimentary consultation, email or call (424) 274-2590.