Producer Cred

Fifty Years of Barbie

Out of The box, literally. Dozens of vintage Barbie and Ken dolls and their pals were meticulously removed from their original pristine packaging and staged for this awesome digital video celebrating 50 Years with Barbie. Watch Video

Samsung Times Square Take-Over

Thousands of passers-by joined in the fun, creating fun live action videos using the new Samsung Galaxy to demonstrate how seamlessly videos can be shared, within a few seconds, to one of the biggest screens around: Samsung’s Billboard in Times Square.  Watch Video

Chevy Sonic Bungee

More than 2.5 Million clicks sent the Chevy Sonic vehicle tumbling;
viewed live online, and YouTube-d for endless views. Featured Chevy TV spot “Let’s Do This” aired at Super Bowl XLVI, 2012. Watch Video

Mattel “Max Steel”

Help Max Steel capture Ultralinks! Earn rewards. Localized and deployed for a global audience. Android and iOS. Watch Video

Lexus “Minority Report”

Travel to 2054 and take a ride in a Lexus “Maglev” vehicle to escape Pre-crime. Experiential game features futuristic Lexus vehicles as seen in the film “Minority Report”. Play Now


Lexus “Amazing Mix”

Flash-enabled music video mash-up tool incorporating hundreds of videos, stills, music files and sound effects for users to create their own “Lexus Mash-up Mix”. Social. Mobile. Sweepstakes. Success! Watch Video


Lexus IS 300

Flash website that delivered a fun experiential exploration for the all-new “Sufficiently Radical” Lexus IS 300. Developed for IE 5, Flash V.3 (which was pretty radical when this site launched in the early 2000’s!)

Crash of the Titans

Crash Village: MMOG website for kids and tweens to play games, save scores, visit chat rooms, customize Avatars, and more. The site drew thousands of young Crash Bandicoot fans, propelling game console sales.