Writer Cred

TV – Comedy Series: “Up-Close Tickets”

Set in 1984, the sales staff of a Hollywood concert ticket brokerage generates big profits and debauchery to help make their day job interesting as they fantasize about more exciting pursuits.

TV – Comedy Series,  Pilot Script: “Up-Close Tickets: Cher The Love”

New employee Marielle “Soup” Quinn learns the ropes; glitz, glam, and 80’s excess.

TV – Animated Series: “Spectacle”

It’s Hollywood in the 80’s, and  rock-n-roll hair band Coliseum are swigging and gigging on L.A.’s Sunset Strip in pursuit of a record deal.

TV/WEB – Docuseries: “Sound Check”

Behind the scenes look at world class recording artists and rock bands, filmed in stadiums and venues around the globe.

TV – Drama Series: “The Blackening”

Geo-political sci-fi drama.


TV – Drama Series: “Botanica”

English-language Telenovela. The Cardoso family runs a small religious gift shop selling spirituality, mysticism, greed, lust and salvation while churning unimaginable profits for it’s proprietors.


FILM  – Drama Feature: “Hairball”

True story.

TV  – Docuseries: “I Marry Me”

True Love = Self Love. And these men and women are making vows to declare it.


FILM – Comedy: “Mista’ Moms”

Famous Rapper/Music Producer Will B.O. Kay is home alone to care for his three young daughters while his wife travels abroad.


TV – Comedy Series: “Team Interactive”

Millennials and Gen Xers battle for recognition and status in an ad agency’s digital creative department.

TV – Docuseries: “Time To Eat”

Meet unsuspecting dinner hosts as we invite ourselves to the table to share the evening meal.

FILM –  Comedy Short: “Gastropod”

Thousands of their tiny corpses appear out of nowhere; mysterious and icky. Based on actual events. Less than fourteen minutes of film, more than forty years in the making.